Weather Station not working


I tried to get started with the Weather Station, but it doesn’t seem to work. I removed the isolation from the battery, and the green LED is blinking. If I understood correctly, I should now get a notification on my cellphone. This I cannot see. Bluetooth, WiFi, and Location Services are on. I have Android 6.0.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S6. Do I need to turn on these Nearby Notifications somewhere? I couldn’t find anything specific with Google.

All help is appreciated.


It sounds like everything is in good order. Sometimes it takes a while for a nearby notification to pop up, as the beacons are scanned in background. You can verify that beacon is broadcasting a correct URL with a “physical web” app available from the Play Store.


Thanks for the prompt reply. Indeed, with an app it is working. So the problem are the Nearby Notifications of my phone, I presume? Any hint how i could fix that?


It might be that Nearby Notifications are disabled on your phone. Please check the Google’s Nearby guide for troubleshooting instructions. The instructions should be valid for every phone running Android 5 and above.

Yay, it’s working now. Thank you so much!


I did a few tests with my Ruuvitag and different phones. Not a single phone was able to detect the Ruuvitag without additional application. I tried four different phones, Android and iOS.

I start to feel that I have a major misunderstanding about how a Ruuvitag is supposed to work. In my understanding, the Ruuvitag should show up on your phone as a notification, as long as you a) are close by, b) have location services turned on, c) have Bluetooth turned on. I thought that there are no additional requirements. Is this correct? If so why is it not shown on any of the phones that I tried?

All help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

You are correct, any phone which has Nearby Notifications enabled as per Google’s instructions should detect the tag. Please note that this is not instant, as the phone scans for notifications in background every now and then.

If you’re seeing the URL using some app, the tag itself if working.

Just a comment: I have Samsung S6 with Android 6.0.1 and it shows Ruuvitag notifications and I did not had to do anything. I also have a sony tablet with Android and that also showed those notifications when I turned ruuvitag on.

I know nothing about Android, so I can not explain, but for me it worked like miracle. May it needs something that is not installed by default for all phone. No idea. Just fyi.

Thank you very much for the comments. It’s still not working for me. Can I ask how you see that notification? Is it just like e.g. getting a text message? Could it be a regional setting that doesn’t let it work out of the box for none of my friends nor me?

It is similar notification than what I get when there is an update to some application. Or similar to when the mobile is being charged. It is not as visible as text message. I need to pull down from the top to see this kind of messages.