Weather Station Firmware? Version number?


Hi guys,

I have 3 ruuvi tags that i use to monitor fridges and freezers -> influxdb -> grafana.

I have a question, i’ve noticed that i need RAM/Weather Station Firmware to get more granular data from my beacons but i can’t find any links to the “Weather Station Firmware” can someone toss me a link?

Lastly, again quite an easy one but how can i find out the firmware/version number and mode that my beacons are setup in? I currently use the Ruuvi Station on Android.

Any help would be great - I Love em!



You can check your current FW version number with an NFC enabled phone.

Here are manuals:

RAW2 (better accuracy) firmware is still in beta so that’s why it’s not easy to find. You can find it here:


Additionally, the “ruuvi firmware” was called “weather station” before, so they are basically the same thing, “weather station” is just the old name for the firmware, still found on some older posts. Thus the link that Lauri provided is what you are looking for.

It’s also worth noting that the older firmwares don’t have NFC support so you won’t be able to read them via NFC, thus if you have a standard firmware and can’t read the tag with NFC, you know it’s running an old version, likely without RAWv2 support.