Weather Station data is blank (Android 5)

I have a ruuvitag kickstarter with sensor. It is generating notifications on my Samsung phone but when I click through to the weather station page it is not displaying the data (internet App). (I have also put the same URL into Chrome and had the same result)
When I view the same URL with my desktop it shows the data correctly.
The ruuvitag firmware has been updated by downloading and flashing using the DFU process and the LED went red at the end. I noticed that the URL changed after this update.

  1. How can I confirm that this device is running the correct (latest) firmware?
  2. Can anyone advise how to get the Samsung displaying the data correctly?



You’re running latest firmware, it’s possible to tell as your URL has 9 characters in data. The ID character at 9th place was added in recent update. Here is how I see your URL on Windows 7 / Chrome and Android 6.0.1 / Chrome.

Could you please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Hi, Many thanks for sharing. This is what I was seeing.

I suspect that this was because the action on clicking the URL was not defaulting to Chrome.
This now behaves as expected.
Many thanks