Wearable strap for Ruuvitag & Machine Learning on body movement regconition

I am looking for ways to secure Ruuvitag to a person’s wrist for persistent monitoring of his body movement. Found wearable mount online https://www.tinkercad.com/things/jPLqIECilwr by Malesmave. Anyone has something similar to share?

I also want to use ML to identify body movement vs static position (e.g to alert if the person is to remove Ruvvitag from his wrist). Or can we leverage on the onboard NFC in any way for this purpose?


Hello, I once wrapped a RuuviTag in a sock and tied the sock on my wrist. That one on Tinkercad looks a lot better :slight_smile:

NFC probably can’t be used, as the NFC read range is really low. You might have some luck with the temperature, wrist is probably warmer than air but I’ve not tried it.

I’m thinking to use a nfc embedded strap. If the strap is cut or loosen, the nfc reading will change and hence trigger alert.

Is it straightforward to include nfc reading in the weather station firmware?

RuuviTag cannot act as a NFC reader, only as a NFC tag. Also having the NFC reader in the strap would lead to a high power consumption, as NFC reads are pretty power intensive.

Thanks Osto for clarifying.

Not good for me, need to think of other methods then.