Using the Ruuvi Station Mobile app remotely


Hi all

After searching on the forum, I didn’t come up with a clear answer. I don’t own ruuvitag yet and before buying I’d like to make sure it’s right for me.

The idea is to monitor temperature and humidity in different parts of the house, check them and receive possible alerts. And this is what I understood Ruuvi Station Mobile app does.

But to my understanding the app works when it is in proximity of the ruuvitag sensor, right?

Does (or will) it ever work remotely, i.e. anywhere my smartphone will ever be?

Is there an already tested environment where, i.e. ruuvitags communicate to a raspberry pi connected to the internet through which (either accessing raspberry directly or gathering information from a cloud system), the app can show the parameters measured by the sensors and forward possible alerts?


This is an easy option:

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There are several projects built using RPis. For example: