Using Ruuvitag's Eddystone protocol with OneWire


Wanted to share my project to forum, this time I wanted to use Ruuvitag to measure temperature of pipes or pool. To do this I used onewire temperature sensor and implemented Ruuvitag Eddystone protocol in Javascript. Code attached in case someone needs it: (1.2 KB)

Code seems to work ok, and produce URL’s like:, but I’m not able see my tag in Ruuvi Stations @io53 could you help?

sorry it was was wrong

This seems to produce the result correctly so that Ruuvistation is able catch Eddystone messages

var data_string = "" + encodedString;
      var data_len = data_string.length;
      var da = data_string.split('');


    NRF.setAdvertising([0x03,  // Length of Service List
  0x03,  // Param: Service List
  0xAA, 0xFE,  // Eddystone ID
  0x16,  // Length of Service Data
  0x16,  // Service Data
  0xAA, 0xFE, // Eddystone ID
  0x10,  // Frame type: URL
  0xF8, // Power
  0x03, // https://