Using custom server and at the same time

Hello. Just got my Ruuvi Gateway. I like the idea of having the great UI of UI but with my own MQTT + InfluxDB. I have installed a Mosquitto server and RuuviBridge but the data won’t be read by As soon as I connect my own custom MQTT, the graphs won’t update. Does rely on the Ruuvi Cloud? Can’t I use my own AND the interface?

There’s not much documentation online on how to build your own custom server for Ruuvi Gateway. In my understanding it’s enough to add MQTT details to Ruuvi Gateway and after that data can be used in any purpose. But does that mean I have to give up using Ruuvi Station and use only my own code? What I’d like to do is to use the great UI of while still be able to access data on my own. Is this possible?

If you don’t provide user interface access to custom servers, can I install that UI to my own server?

The (or rather, the Ruuvi Network / Ruuvi Cloud) uses HTTP, so it is possible to use your own MQTT server and via HTTP simultaneously if you configure it manually. The documentation about the gateway api is not the clearest at the moment, but the /record endpoint is used to record the data sent over HTTP.

TL;DR: configure both MQTT and HTTP, for MQTT use your own server and for HTTP use

I have set up MQTT successfully, I see the data when subscribing. However, the HTTP is where it gets confusing. I have set up it like this:

But getting no data:

Did I miss a step? Like you said, documentation is not very clear at the moment.

I was able to get it working by

  1. Factory resetting the gateway
  2. Getting credentials with
curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"email":"myemail"}'