Use in freezer?

I’m wondering if anyone has used the RuuviTag in a freezer or other very cold environment. I’m primarily worried about condensation inside the case. I got the basic RuuviTag with the air-tight case and no humidity sensor, so I won’t be able to monitor it to see if it dips below the dew point.

Anyone have suggestions? If not, I plan to toss a few silica gel packs into the case and hope for the best. For $20, I figure I can take a chance. :slight_smile:

RuuviTags are working ok in cold environments:

However, if the temp is changing around the dew point, it might cause some issues in the long run for sure.

This is something we haven’t explored yet in detail (lab environments). All the comments are welcome and happy to see how users have dealt with the dew point “issue” :slight_smile:

This is exactly what I meant to do with my tag when I get one :joy: I’ve already successfully put bare BMP280 module (a bit simpler than BME280 from Ruuvi) in my freezer and it showed -27.5 degree Celsius, so I’m wondering how will Ruuvi behave in such place :wink:
For bare BMP280 I used glass jar to secure it from ice.

To be honest, I couldn’t see any condensing inside when putting in the freezer (wouldn’t it froze?)
But when I took it out of the freezer board literally got covered with water just in a few seconds and humidity sensor shows constant 98%RH.
I hope it didn’t broke in the process. While in the freezer, it always showed quite normal values, at least they seemed so.

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