URL-question for third-party system

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Great this ruuvi. :+1:

Many thanks for it.

Now my question:

I try to transmit the data of my ruuvi with a url to Homematic.

Therefor I use the syntax:"Ruuvi-Test_JSON").State(x)

What is the right value for x to transmit temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion as a JSON oder string forexemple?

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Are you using Ruuvi Gateway or Ruuvi Station Android app?


I’m using the app.

Here my entry :


The Android app will do a HTTP post to the URL you specify. The data format is described at Using Ruuvi Station as a Gateway - docs. You need to parse the data out of JSON in Homematic somehow, I’m not familiar with that system.

Thanks for your help. :+1:

Parsing of a json is not the problem.

I’ve read the document, you linked.

But i can’t find:

What is the right value for x to transmit the JSON with temperature and humidity ?

Sorry for pushing.

But is really nobody here, who can explain me the syntax? :thinking:

Overall“Ruuvi-Test_JSON”).State(x) sounds a bit strange URL to set. This seems like you’d be trying to GET the data instead of waiting for it to be POSTed

My expectation would be something like which would then POST the data format to your URL.

Thanks for this new inspiration.

This is correct. This is the only existing way, to have third party devices in Homematic with http-request.

For example, this function is given in other devices with following code“Ruuvi-Test_JSON”).State($temperatur + $humidity)

“$variable” should be the values from the ruuvi.

Is this possible?

Ruuvi Station does currently not support replying to incoming GET requests.

You’d need to program some kind of proxy server that receives data from Ruuvi Station and then replies to Homematic requests in a format that Homematic can understand.

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Thank You. :+1:

The way with
ruuvi → Shelly → ioBroker → Homematic works.

I tried to find a directly way ruuvi → Homematic

Perhaps in future firmware version ?! :wink: