Update Firmware from Raspberry PI 3 Model B

Please forgive if this has been answered somewhere already, but aside from Android, iOS, and Windows solutions, can the firmware on a RUUViO be update OTA from a Raspberry?

It is possible, here is example for nRF51 Socs. It doesn’t work directly with Ruuvitag, needs modifications and that is beyond my skills. But you can continue search or someone more skilled can do an one

I’m sure I’m newer to this than you, but I’ll dig through it and post back if I get it working. thanks for the direction

RPi comes with chromium installed. This page show web bluetooth is partially implemented in windows and linux. Also shows how to enable web-bluetooth on these platforms. If you can do it use this page to update your RuuviTag firmware. Also @otso confirmed next RuuviTag firmware will support buttonless DFU activation without pressing any button on RuuviTag.