I received my Gateway a few days ago, and was very excited. And still am. I have seen many unboxing videos of different products but this is not an unboxing I would show on YouTube.

The product was very welcome but please work on the packaging.

Personally I though the unboxing was ok. I would like to share an other point of view. I bought a Sonos device the other day and got a questionnaire from them, asking about the packaging. They where actively looking into “dulling down” their packaging in favour of the environment. So instead of using high-grade glossy paper with imaging on it, they used a simple grey cardboard box for this the €200,- + device. I kinda liked the idea, the box is nice for like 30 seconds and after that it is waste.

It’s the product itself that excites. I think it’s the same with the RuuviTag gateway. I love the design and I love the technology behind it. I would gladly buy extra RuuviTag sensors in bulk packaging for €1,- less to have a lower impact on the environment.

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I agree, the box should not be shiny, glossy, and expensive. Still, I believe also unboxing should be a nice experience.

For example, the black envelope was longer than the box, and therefore the envelope was wrinkled. Making the envelope shorter would avoid this, and save some paper.

Also, the paper wrapped around the cardboard box was a little wider than the box, and therefore also it was wrinkled. Again, saving some paper would have made the packaging look nicer.


Good comments and proposals. We are already working on a custom box / packing for Ruuvi Gateway and it will be much more finished outcome. We are not happy with the current boxing and it needs some improvement. Personally I don’t like packages where you can see that lots of resources are used (wasted) to build custom packaging with hardly recyclable materials. Usually users throw away packages immediately after opening it, so it’s short time benefit.

When we are shipping products we try to re-use boxes and also inside packaging materials. This doesn’t look perfect but we are able to avoid purchasing of package materials and this way trying to make the environmental impact smaller. So we give a second life for example buble plastic materials which are used to deliver PCB’s to us.