Unable to update firmware

What am I doing wrong when updating weather station fw?

  1. I press R+B and get red led on
  2. open nRF Connect on iOS
  3. connect
    aijaa . com/AP1zUT
  4. get errors in log

I never get a change to upload fw :frowning:

Since you see the “RuuviBoot”, you’ve entered the bootloader mode correcly. Personally I use DFU on nRF Toolbox app on Android as shown in video at ruu.vi/setup. nRF connect has been more reliable on iOS, can you @lauri look into this?

Unfortunately, I don’t have right now access to iOS devices. However, we’re trying to reproduce this problem and will reply here (a fix) once succeeded. So far we haven’t had any issues updating the FW. Sometimes nRF Toolbox fails to update but so far I haven’t seen similar behaviour when using nRF Connect…

Please let us know if you happen to find the reason before we do.

in case this is still an issue for others; received my Ruuvi yesterday and struggled to apply the WeatherStation FW by using the “nRF Toolbox” App on iOS, but finally succeeded:

  • put your Ruuvi in bootloader mode
  • download the 20161230-weather-station.zip to your Dropbox
  • check that the “nRF Toolbox” iOS App is not open in the background = close it (this was tricky to find out)
  • in Dropbox iOS App tap the .zip file above and Export - OpenIn… - “Import with nRF Toolbox”
  • should jump to the “nRF Toolbox - Default DFU” -screen and the FW is preselected
  • Select device etc

Would be interesting to see iOS App for the WeatherStation or perhaps a common App that is able to see refreshed Ruuvi WeatherStation url page for live measurements :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Right now using PHYnet App, but it’s pretty manual “Weather Station” as there is no option to request refreshed Ruuvi url etc.

Just want to confirm the instructions codepresser left for firmware updates using an iPhone and nRF Toolbox. I didn’t have to restart the app - just restarted the connection, but otherwise these instructions worked the same for me.