Unable to get data from RuuviCollector to InfluxDB on Ubuntu

So, if I haven’t totally misunderstood, that’s something I’m able to do myself (maybe). Well, gonna fiddle aroud with my ubuntu anyway so might as well fiddle with bluetooth.

I don’t know what kind format is correct format for tag’s information but noticed this one in sudo btmon

HCI Event: LE Meta Event (0x3e) plen 57 #26 [hci0] 26.814749
LE Extended Advertising Report (0x0d)
Num reports: 1
Entry 0
Event type: 0x0010
Props: 0x0010
Use legacy advertising PDUs
Data status: Complete
Legacy PDU Type: ADV_NONCONN_IND (0x0010)
Address type: Random (0x01)
Address: D1:9D:98:5B:50:DD (Static)
Primary PHY: LE 1M
Secondary PHY: No packets
SID: no ADI field (0xff)
TX power: 127 dBm
RSSI: -68 dBm (0xbc)
Periodic advertising invteral: 0.00 msec (0x0000)
Direct address type: Public (0x00)
Direct address: 00:00:00:00:00:00 (OUI 00-00-00)
Data length: 0x1f
02 01 06 1b ff 99 04 05 11 da 22 5d c3 3c 00 00 …"].<…
ff f0 03 fc b2 f6 15 24 73 d1 9d 98 5b 50 dd …$s…[P.

At least it looks like it’s reasonable

And after that I found that same plen number from hcidump -X

HCI Event: LE Meta Event (0x3e) plen 57
Disconn Complete
0000: 01 10 00 01 d3 6a 55 e3 64 df 01 00 ff 7f d2 00 …jU.d…
0010: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 1f 02 01 06 1b ff 99 04 …
0020: 05 10 34 21 28 c2 cf ff fc ff d0 03 f0 b8 36 69 …4!(…6i
0030: 13 17 df 64 e3 55 6a d3 …d.Uj.

Just quick note before heading to bed after fiddling around with bluetooth long enough. Very first time I tried to do something with Ruuvi tags I tried Bluewalker, I had no knowledge what-so-ever.

Anyway, just started ruuvi-collector service and started bluewalker to run in terminal and… I get data out from Ruuvi tags.

My friend was certain that Ubuntu 20.04 and bluetooth 5.0 wasn’t good combination but apparently I managed to do something for once.

Ps. happy new year pals.