Transfer the data measured by ruuviTag to my influxDB database

How can I directly transfer the data measured by ruuviTag to my influxDB database? I only have one ruuviTag at present


Have you seen this forum post or this blog post?

We’re working on official support for storing the data to cloud directly from Ruuvi Station app, but we don’t have. a plug and play solution ready yet. You can however use the Ruuvi Station gateway feature to get started.

I observed that all these articles used Raspberry Pi 3. Can I use other methods (nodejs or HTTP request) to pull the data on the mobile app or ruuviTag to the influxDB database?

Since my company is now working on using ruuviTag equipment in milk transportation vehicles, and returning the temperature and other elements to the server, considering that it is more convenient to use the mobile phone, Raspberry Pi 3 is a troublesome factor, what can I do in this way, or can it work


It’s definitely possible, for example Corvus GPS is using RuuviTags in a similar application. Do you want to build entirely your own application, or use Ruuvi Station with the gateway feature, or are you looking for a ready solution such as Corvus GPS offering?

Yes, we are looking for a mature Corvus GPS, such as EverTrack, but the question is how can I request the data to my server through EverTrack and store it in influxdb


If you want to use Ever Track as-is, you can contact them for app licensing. Alternatively you can use the Ruuvi Station app gateway feature, or you could tailor the app for your own uses as the Ruuvi Station is open source. If you want to use the gateway feature, please refer to the gateway specification. In short, you’ll need to parse the JSON form incoming HTTP POSTs and send them to your InfluxDB.

I’m sure we can also find a developer for you or develop something for you as paid-for consulting, please contact with more details such as schedule and expected volume of the tags in case you’re interested.

Can EverTrack directly send the measurement information of ruuviTag to my server?If so, is there sample code?Or does EverTrack software have open source code for reference?I want to study the communication mode in this aspect. Thank you very much for your help

Why wouldn’t you use Ruuvi Station and its gateway feature?

Thank you for your patient answer, I have seen the direction

Thank you for your patient answer, I have seen the direction.

I made a API thingy that receives data from the mobile app and puts it in InfluxDB. Hope it helps.

I used ruuvi station earlier. Your code is much more concise. Thank you for your help

Hi lauri.
Could you please help on how to send RuuviStation data to thingboard server.
Thanks in advance.


But actually it seems that the post has some broken links or repositories have been removed. @iotscouts are you able to fix them?