TOTAL price of DHL shipment: be aware!

Hi all
I read about RUUVI, got infected by the approach and ordered.
138.- Euro (two packages with 3 units each)

  • 20.- Euro: Shipment via DHL

158.- Euros: good things have a price I thought

The invoice I got from DHL (!):
14.55 : Swiss VAT: (Swiss Francs, yeah, now you know how I can afford six ruuvis ;>)
19.00 : Fee for ‘Handling the account’: (Swiss Francs)
sums up to
20.84 Euros (converted)
all together
178.84 Euros my total price

I have to live with the VAT, a pre-alert when ordering would have been nice though…
But getting an additional 16.6 Euro (19.00 converted) fee from DHL feels like a rip off

@ruuvi sales: make the hidden costs transparent please

  • but that’s reducing sales then, isn’t it ? :grimacing:

Now let’s see whether I can do what I have in mind with these gold nuggets…

Hi Payitall,

Thank you for the feedback and taking this up. It’s good to remind that when ordering outside own country there might be additional costs due to customs, local VAT and handling fees. When using DHL services they might have a service fee for handling these in behalf of the purchaser. In some countries they also allow purchaser to do the customs declarations and import process.

Naturally these DHL fees don’t apply to customers inside the European Union.

We don’t have any means or reasons to hide anything and we want to be as transparent as possible. We are not so much in love with sales that we would have to hide any costs to increase our sales. That would be quite stupid business strategy, isn’t it ? :slight_smile:

We also want to respect international laws & regulations and maintain good business practices. Therefore we use for example real value in shipping documents.

We have had a statement in web shop “DELIVERY & RETURNS” -section stating this:

  • Note! Additional costs due to customs, local taxes and import fees might occur.

We have now added this information more visible with some additional remarks.
Hopefully you have good time with RuuviTags :slight_smile:

Br. Henri

I was wondering if you would consider offering another shipment option using regular postal service. Not only 20-25 euros DHL delivery fee is high and increases the cost of a pack of 3 tags by almost 30%, DHL adds significant brokerage fees on top of that (I paid another 18 euros for delivery to Canada). The price of three tags all of sudden becomes 112 euros (or USD 126). I would be willing to take a risk with a regular mail and no tracking number if that would reduce the shipping cost to under 10 euros (I would still need to pay import tax but at least there would be no brokerage fees). Thank you!

Hi Petro,

Unfortunately this is the way how almost all courier companies work. In some countries they also allow customer to handle custom clearance by themselves. This will reduce then handling fees at the destination country.

We are working on this topic and soon we introduce more low cost shipping methods (with tracking). Then we should get rid of this problem where order value is small and handling fees high.

Hi Henri,

I appreciate your quick reply. It’s just it feels wrong to pay the courier 62% of the order price. Particularly irritating is the brokerage fee - in my case, the tax I paid on import was smaller than the brokerage fee DHL charged. I know that when I receive international orders by Canada Post (which means the parcel was originally sent by a national mail service in a different county) brokerage fee is not charged automatically. I am glad to hear that you are looking into other shipping options. Thanks again for the great product and prompt responses!