Time of the last update unreliable

In station.ruuvi.com, the time since the last update is not reliable. When I change the displayed time span using the pull-down menu, the time of last update changes

  • With time spans longer than 1 day the last update seems wrong
  • With time spans of 1 day or less the last update seems ok

This happens consistently when I toggle back and forth between longer and shorter time spans. The 1-day time span seems to be the watershed.

I have attached two pictures, showing the case with 1-day and 2-day time span. This looks awkward to me.

Ruuvi 1 pv
Ruuvi 2 pv

It’s a bug indeed, it will be taken care of shortly. There is an issue on Github for this Latest datapoint is not shown when user selects history longer than 1 day Β· Issue #121 Β· ruuvi/com.ruuvi.station.webui Β· GitHub

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