Time consistent download from IOS app?

I’ve a 1-yr-old tag pro (I think recently upgraded from 3.30.4 to 3.31.1 - after upgrade it’s still said 3.30.4+default but clicking update it now says it’s on latest).

Is there a way to get a time consistent download in the IOS app? It currently appears to generate a record anytime a value changes so the intervals are all over the place. I would prefer to be able to get consistent 1m, 15s, 10s, 5s or 1s records.

Alternatively, has anyone an Excel routine or app that will go through the current record and generate a time consistent recordset from it?

Thanks all

It’s possible to edit data in Excel using pivot table. Here’s the instructions but it’s unfortunately in Finnish language. But it’s possible to follow icons and what user is doing.

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