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Conventional dog trackers work with GPS signals which are transmitted thru a cellular network so the dog’s movements and location can be monitored with a smartphone. The dog owner can set up a “geofence” or a “safe zone” and when the animal crosses the line an alarm goes off. This system works fine anywhere because of those global elements, GPS and cellular network.

The problem is the cost of operation; network providers charge up to $15 per month. Also, the hardware often sets you back hundreds.

I have no idea whether Ruuvi could be used as a transponder or not. Inviting your comments, please…

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@strudelbaum Thanks for sharing the idea. However, I don’t really see RuuviTag could be used in this purpose due to its limited transmission power and lack of GPS/Glonass.

Some of you might remember our first open-source project, RuuviTracker - a multi-use GSM+GPS tracking device. Unfortunately, because of lower resources on that time, we didn’t start its mass production.

Now, we’re loaded with new ideas. You’ll see :wink:

Unity integration for gamification?

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I’m thinking using RuuviTag to monitor sauna temperature where Raspberry Pi would get humidity & temp from RuuviTag that is in Sauna and notifies user via Push message when sauna is ready. I have a Samsung Gear S3 smart watch so getting the push message to that would be neat :slight_smile:

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Hello Lauri,

I’m diabetic (type 1, insulin-dependent) and I use a OmniPod insulin pump. This pump is connected to a remote which should not be forgotten when i’m moving, because without it, impossible to manage its diabetes (bolus, etc).

I would like to use one or more ruuviTags:

  1. to warn me when I get too far from this remote and so, not forget it
  2. to find this remote when I “lose” it (too often) in my house :slight_smile:

With your help, I could test this idea and share its success with other diabetics :wink:


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Nowadays true snailmail is so rare as I have a no ads sign on my mailbox.

Adding a RuuviTag to the lid of my mailbox I can get alerted if the mailbox lid has been opened during that day and I know to stop and check the content.

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We are working 2 different ideas:

  1. A software system for report and analyze loag value, in our sysytem temperature and humidity. System create auto report and send to the user/company

  2. Antilost child system for beach and byke, we are working to a software platform on smartphone app that alarm you when the device is far from you, this system comunicate information to the user by a cloud, hour idea is to realize this system in beach area


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My thoughs were to try and take the consept of OpenEVSE; replace the atmega with Ruuvi and have a physical web interface to control the charging without an app

This summer showed that people who do rentals (kayaks in this) case could benefit from live inventory tracking to see whats available, and work out any discrepancies with their booking system before they have customers who show up and don’t get the stuff they’ve booked. It also allows them to be sure of what sizes are available at any given time.

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I do a lot of event planning and execution for various groups (mostly volunteer). It is always a constant struggle to collect volunteer information (sign up sheet), particularly for new people.

I’d like to propose a RuuviTag-based Bluetooth beacon project (iBeacon or Eddystone) which would automagically let mobile devices be detected and a notification with web URL sent to direct users to a form validated input screen.

This would cut down on errors, not to mention potentially saving a LOT of trees (no more paper forms).

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Vaccine temperature monitoring. Currently vaccines are stored in various small fridges to keep them at the right temperature to avoid having them become nonviable for use as temperature effects their effectiveness. These fridges often have temperature alarms but no way of tracking the temperature over time unless you buy a REALLY expensive one. There are companies that have been providing temperature loggers but one has to open the fridge, remove the logger and then put it into a reader which is not ideal and they are very expensive. I propose a Ruuvi tag could do this and the temperature data logged without removing it from the fridge via a connected phone or PC and at a much lower price.


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As an extension to the current functionality of the new tags that is able to monitor the air temperature to be able to monitor air quality via a particulate counter.



I’m thinking about connecting a plant moisture sensor to Ruuvitag and turn it into a full plant sensor, providing soil moisture, temperature and humidity readings a to hub, like a RP3 with Node-Red, and then send me notifications if the soil needs to be watered or the humidity is to high or low.


Having nice humidor and some nice cigars but only infrequent possibility to enjoy them makes one forget to check the humidity of the humidor/cigars. With RuuviTag one could be notified about too low humidity or in the more sophisticated version connected Arduino (etc) could even add liquid using peristaltic pump.

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Home automation

  • Water meter control: counter (outside sensor), temperature, leak detector (outside sensor)
  • Electric meter counter: optic sensor

Hobby Horse Competition/Activitity tracker

In Finland there’s quite a boom of hobby horses. It’s not just young girls play any longer, even young adults are competing with hobby horses. This boom has been noticed even abroad Finland

Hobby horses are made of fabric and stuffed with some soft material. This makes it possible to include one ruuviTag inside stuffing. Ruuvitag could contain identification code of the hobby horse in question. This Id could be read with mobile phone through Bluetooth or even better through NFC. Id can point reader to web page that contains detailed information about the hobby horse – Name, Owner, history and maybe even ancestors :slight_smile: Reading ID via NFC on the competition – while starting and finishing – will certainly ease up the book keeping activity.

RuuviTag sowen inside the hobby horse could also calculate some activity measures – like steps taken. This could be done with accelerometer included. Calculation could be running all the time and the current value could be sent coded in the physical web url. Unfortunately this method may not allow much of resolution, but maybe that could do for short competition run.

This idea requires some modified weather station style software on ruuviTag. In addition to that there should be web-page on the cloud where detailed information about hobby horse is presented, selected by Identification sent by ruuviTag. Step-counter can be also presented on web-page. RuuviTag software should contain running counter that calculates steps based on accelerometer values. Identification and current running counter should be coded into URL of bluetooth beacon.

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Barbell acceleration and vertical path data with visualization.


Idea to someone who is familiar with IFTTT and figure out is there a way to get IFTTT support to ruuvitag or grafana raspi

this is close to being a home-run with the cannabis industry very useful as is but…
What its missing is a moisture sensor probe so someone can bury the device/probe and give soil moisture readings for every plant also make them rechargeable

currently the sensors used are not wireless and too costly for lots of plants its not feasible wireless would make this perfect if possible

I think @Scrin Has had a sensor in flower bench outdoors, but maybe the moisture does not stabilize after the sticker has frozen.

Would you @Kaleigh_Heller be interested in burying one RuuviTag to soil and report back on what the results look like?