Tap detection with accelerometer?

it seems the LIS2DH12 can do single and double tap detection

that sounds like an interesting input gesture
anybody tried this? any code examples?


I tried it once, but in the end I wasn’t happy with the reliability of detection.

I would take activity interrupt as a base and configure the double-tap register writes in there: ruuvi.drivers.c/src/interfaces/acceleration/ruuvi_interface_lis2dh12.c at c84cf1c735cd4ae3491602a6a731b9c963f178f8 · ruuvi/ruuvi.drivers.c · GitHub

thanks! will give it a try


ps: anything in the wings moving to Zephyr?

We’re not looking into migrating to Zephyr as of right now, we’ll revisit the decision if we start building on Nordic’s newer chips.

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