Tag broken?

My tag outside started today to show strange temp readings. Temp outside was about 10 degrees and tags showed for a short time -38 degree and then jump to about -16 degree where it stays. Have tryed to change battery but with no luck, humidity readings seems ok…
What can I try to do? Totally green on this.

Looks like something happened to the temperature sensor, other readings are probably as well inaccurate as they’re temperature compensated. Can you check the other values of the time? Humidity, pressure, battery voltage?

Please also send us the mac address of the tag to info@ruuvi.com so we can check which batch the tag is from.

Ok, I will do it but I am home first on Thursday. Thanks for your advice.

Ok, here are the pictures. In battery pic I first tried a other used battery, voltage rised a little then a brand new battery (peak) and then back to the other used battery. The Tag has been inside on my desk the hole time since I noticed the problem.

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I am measuring temprature of bee hive:

Something is definitely wrong with the BME280. Thanks for the details, we’ll have a chat with Bosch about it and if they have seen similar issues.

The electrical contacts and digital portion of the sensor seem to be fine, as there is still new data coming in. There’s probably nothing we can do to fix the sensor, but we’ll follow up on this via email.