Sync out of sync

I synced a RuuviTag (3.28.13) with the Android App (1.4.26). Below is an excerpt. On the second line the temperature reading has been replaced by the air pressure.


I noticed similar glitches with other RuuviTags I have. I wonder how this was possible. I would use the latest RuuviTag firmware but it does not work well with iOS.

This is curious.

@io53 @Denis_Andreev Any idea on what could be happening?
It also might be a FW issue, to verify that I’d need raw data logs from transfer

That odd. I’ve not seen this before :thinking:.
Is this glitch present on the graph view also or just in the csv export?

Yes. Also, the csv upload contained only data for the past 24 hours (see below), not more, even if the graph showed at least 3 days of data.



I tried sync also with the iOS App. I did not see any odd values there.

If you clear history and sync again will it be exactly the same glitches at the same time in history? Btw what phone is it?

I have a Moto G8.

I cleared history and then synced. For some reason the sync, and many other syncs I have done today, syncs 861 measurements. Maybe it is the maximum number possible.

There was still a glitch, but it was in a different place, and had different value, temperature of circa 352. The glitch was not included in the csv upload because it was older than 24 hours.

Version 1.5.5 (currently available for beta-testers) will remove this limit of 24hours csv export.

I had a phone previously that sometimes was showing strange values too. My wife had the same phone model but it worked perfectly fine. I assume there was some malfunction in my bluetooth module casuing bit errors from time to time. Do you have access to another Android phone?

I can try with another Android device later today, or at least in a few days.

Now I have tried with two Andoid devices

  • Moto G8
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Both run the latest Android available, Android 11 for the tablet and Android 10 for the phone, and the latest Ruuvi Station.

The tablet seemed to sync well, without glitches. The phone, when clearing and syncing the data, generated glitches in different places each time. They were sometimes in temp, sometimes in pressure, and sometimes in humidity.

So, something wrong with the Moto G8, Android 10, RuuviStation, and RuuviTags.

We have seen glitches in Raspberry Pi when HCI-UART is too fast and there’s bit errors in data. Might be related, Raspberry Pi isn’t so different from a smartphone.

If the issue is in phone internals there’s probably no easy solution on Ruuvi’s side, we might need to add CRC to data format or something liike that.