Sync issues with iOS

I have had some sync issues with one RuuviTag since I upgraded its firmware from 3.28.13 to 3.29.3: it does not sync anymore with the iOS App. Android sync works. The Ruuvi App on both phones receive the regular measurement updates. The upgraded RuuviTag does not have the “maintain connection” activated.

I have not tried upgrading my other RuuviTags yet. They work, with 3.28.13, work as before.

Any idea why the syncing does not work?


There was a pretty major overhaul in how GATT connection works to save power on iOS, that might be related. @Rinat do you have any ideas what might be the cause here?

I downgraded the misbehaving tag to 3.28.13. Now the sync works. I wish it worked also with the latest firmware.