Sync does not seem to be working anymore with Beta

Hi people!

I opted in beta for the Android station.

I don’t know if that change happened after the latest update to be honest as I just noticed today: when I sync the intermediate points are not added to the graph, see picture.

I uninstalled the app and reinstalled.

Anything obvious I am missing? Does the beta app need an updated firmware?

The app does not display the firmware version (why!) So I would need to dig more to provide/update this.

@Denis_Andreev Please check this.

Hey! With FW versions prior to 3.30.4 it was possible to loose sensor history. Not sure if this is your case here, but please check if your sensor running with latest available FW (currently 3.30.4).

For now you can check sensor FW by using NFC Tools app. It will be possible to check FW version and to update FW from Ruuvi Station Android very soon (currently this feature is in internal testing). Also it is already possible with iOS version of the app.

Indeed I have 3.30.2!

I will find a way to update it.

I can beta test the upcoming android version whenever avail!

Thanks for the pointer Andreev.


You can now update sensor firmware from application version 1.6.2 (now in beta)

It indeed worked flawlessly!

Next: confirm the updated firmware fixes the gaps!



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All fixed! Many thanks to the team!