Suggestion: platformio support, Visual Studio Code

it seems to me Nordic is heading the Visual Studio Code direction, see below

I read this as a move away from proprietary IDE’s like Keil and Segger (which makes a lot of sense not only for Nordic, but me as well)

in that scenario the obvious choice would be to use the Platformio VS code plugin for building, debugging and download, which I find best-of-class so far - still easy to use and supports Windows, MacOS and Linux, but not a joke like the Arduino IDE.

I would love to see Ruuvi follow this direction and support a platformio-based build - it would take a lot of the hassle out of migrating Arduino people to some grown up solution without learning one proprietary IDE per platform

Really interested to hear what you think about that @otso @lauri !

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Nordic VS Code announcement:

others have suggested likewise:

The VS code support is definitely a welcome addition, setting up Zephyr projects in SES in a portable manner is a real chore.

Currently RuuvITag runs nRF SDK code, and we don’t see a compelling reason to port to Zephyr just yet. I agree that VS Code + Zephyr would be good for future, Nordic also has support for latest chips on Zephyr only and the huge development community speeds up things like adding new sensors a lot.

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Hm, since you suggested nrfConnect for VS Code requires zephyr I gave it a spin and in fact it looks all the examples currently require zephyr - I was not aware of that

of course porting the ruuvi tree to Zephyr makes no sense just to use that IDE - point taken

my fault: I mixed up “nRF Connect SDK” (which is their Zephyr integration) and “nRF*_SDK*” - duh

But then I have some doubts what Nordic’s strategy here is - nRFx_SDK users continue to use Segger, Keil et al and nRF Connect SDK is for exactly what?

I guess I’ll check the Nordic forum, this does not add up for me just yet



I posted on the Nordic forum here (user mhaberler)

really interested in their response

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eventually found this - summarizes the situation nicely

basically Nordic says:

the nRF5 SDK is in maintenance mode, no new features
the nRF Connect SDK seems to be the recommended way forward

comprende - thanks for your patience!