Strange pressure and humidity spikes/drops

from the start the humidity readings on all 3 sensors have had strange spikes/drops every now and then, as can be seen in the picture. On the left with lower spikes were when I was averaging the values for about 10 readings, higher spikes on the right are after I removed the averaging just to rule out there wasn’t any issues with my running average calculation code - apparently it was fine.


What is interesting is that this occurs 24h, so also during the night, so cannot figure out what can be causing this. 2 sensors are indoors, 1 outside, all of them behaving the same.

Also, the pressure seems to behave in similar manner, but it drops every now and then, as in pic below from last night:

Sometimes the readings are both way off:


3 subsequent readings from one sensor look like this, and actually here you see RSSI and battery are suffering from this as well:

18:56:41.180 INFO  Data received: {"dataFormat":5,"rssi":-86,"temperature":20.65,"humidity":32.0075,"pressure":101541,"accelerationX":40,"accelerationY":8,"accelerationZ":1072,"battery":3079,"txPower":4,"movementCounter":70,"measurementSequenceNumber":16004,"tagId":"cbca925f45e7"}    
18:56:47.647 INFO  Data received: {"dataFormat":5,"rssi":62,"temperature":20.66,"humidity":31.995,"pressure":101541,"accelerationX":52,"accelerationY":4,"accelerationZ":1094,"battery":1601,"txPower":20,"movementCounter":133,"measurementSequenceNumber":52170,"tagId":"cbca925f45e7"} 
18:57:00.458 INFO  Data received: {"dataFormat":5,"rssi":-74,"temperature":20.66,"humidity":32.0425,"pressure":101542,"accelerationX":40,"accelerationY":12,"accelerationZ":1064,"battery":3079,"txPower":4,"movementCounter":70,"measurementSequenceNumber":16007,"tagId":"cbca925f45e7"} 

Funny thing is that temperature is behaving nicely.

I’m using node-ruuvitag library 4.1.0 on Node app running on RPi3. Ruuvi tags are in firmware 2.5.7 and using RAWv2 mode. Is this something 2.5.9 FW would address or what could be causing this?

Are you using Raspberry Pi to collect the data?


Yes, node-ruuvitag library 4.1.0 on Node app running on RPi3.

Apologies, don’t know how I missed that thread although did search with pretty much exact keywords. Will look into that.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help people to find the relevant information :slight_smile:. Please follow up on this thread if that fix won’t solve your problem.

Can you add RSSI & measurementSequenceNumber/1000 to the graph?

Really oddness at 18:56:47.647 for RSSI which is not transmitted from the tag!

That was it, thanks Otso.

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