UI customization

Is it possible to somehow customize web ui? For example, change that green color and get dark theme (as on android app)? Also would be nice to display different stats for single sensor or display multiple sensor stats in same graph?

Modifying the code should be relatively straightforward, is at GitHub - ruuvi/com.ruuvi.station.webui: Ruuvi webUI.

The front end is static HTML if I recall correctly.
Some things, such as email login link, will point to the original address but overall using the backend with your own code should be doable. What are your thoughts @io53?

It’s a react app so it would require some knowledge of web development to modify. The dark theme (similar to android) will be released very soon tho :).
Multiple stats in the graph is something we have been thinking of implementing but it’s not in the pipeline (yet).

Thank you for the dark theme! Customization option of colors would be great for next improvement.

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