Source for the CR2477T batteries

Would anyone know where I could purchase the CR2477T batteries in Canada or United States?

Regards, Kevin

I’ve same question for Germany.

In the shops you have here may CR2477 Types, but no CR2477T. (Use case sauna as an example)

CR2477T is a bit hard to find and we cannot ship them internationally because of lithium transport restrictions.

Some specialty shops for batteries or cameras carry them.

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I’ll search.

As the CR2477 lifetime is so long in Ruuvi tags, I am surprised you are interested in the most likely more expensive and definitely more difficult to fine CR2477T. Especially for use case sauna ( Does everyone in Finland have one?). I would think that a use case where the Ruuvi tag is difficult to access would be the only time it would be of value.

CR2477T 1 gram heavier (13%)


good argumentation. :+1:
I’ll check out lifetime of CR2477. :wink:

Tech comparison

revised to add Panasonic

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My understanding is that the cr2477T will perform better under extreme temperatures (-40). The Ruuvi Pro does come standard in their device, and it is rated to -40c. As I live in an extreme temperature area, I would like to find a source for the replacement.

Best alternative for CR2477T is Panasonic CR2477 as it has standard range -30…+60C.

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Thank you.

Thanks. :+1:

Notice that the data sheet for CR2477T shows -20-+60 made by EEMB.
Maybe other vendors have CR2477T with different ranges.

Panasonic datasheeet does say -30 - 85 !

Of course you could go totally off the chart by taking a 15 year
Panasonic CR-AGZ Cylindrical -40 - +85 and hot wire it in :slight_smile: