Sort the sensors automatically in alphabetical order

Many users have requested a sorting feature for the sensors. Currently, on the mobile apps, users may have their sensors sorted pretty randomly because when a new sensor is added to the app, it goes automatically to the end of the list and it’s not possible to change that later without re-adding some sensors.

Making this better has become a more urgent task now because we’ve just launched the new cloud server and Ruuvi Station’s web interface and some sort of sorting is now badly needed. Otherwise users will have their sensors in different order depending on if they use mobile or web app. And additionally, when logging out from the mobile app and then logging in again, order of the sensors would be completely randomised again.

Keep it simple is often the best way to go, so on the web interface we’re now sorting the sensors automatically to an alphabetical order. This allows user to sort the sensors by renaming them. We’re planning to do the same thing on the mobile apps. This doesn’t require any specific cloud support and it’s quick to implement. Before we’re going to sort old users’ sensors automatically, we’ll show them a note explaining what’s going to happen and how to sort (rename) the sensors.

Later, the plan is to implement a more fancy and intuitive way to sort the sensors (drag & drop & sync with the cloud).

The reason I’m opening this thread is to just let you know what’s coming and giving you an option to comment and share your thoughts on this before it’s been implemented and released.


As seen at ruuviStation Web: sort sensors with no data last · Ruuvi
It would be helpful if all the sensors with data were displayed before any of the sensor with no data.

Another idea is to add an attribute to each sensor: “sort key”. Used a the first sort key followed by the name. for example:
“Building 1” “fish freezer”
“Building 1” “meat locker”
“Building 1” “receiving”
“Building 2” “produce”
“Building 2” "receiving