Some things to add to RT

  1. Are there any pins to shutdown the RT?
  2. Then some additions:
    a: microphone, not for voice just for sounds. Useful to trigger on sounds
    b: external connector for a sensor
  1. The only way to stop ruuvi sensors from advertising is by removing the battery.
    Why do you want to shut it down?

  2. See New project: External Ruuvi sensor boards Mar’19

  1. in order to save battery. There is extenal circuit whic is powered up only when something happen (like lid opens) and then power up RT, which takes measurements and sends them to Raspberry PI. So the whole system is powered up only when there is change in state.
  2. Thaks, for the link (again)

Ruuvi Sensors run for multiple years mostly dependent on temperature. I have a few remotely installed for example Ruuvi BlueTooth beacon monitors flood level in swamp.