Some beginner questions

I have received my first set of tags and I have been playing with them. Now I have some questions that I did not seen answers for them. If I am wrong sorry in advance.

  1. Are we allowed to stick a company label on RuuviTag, while keeping the the one on the back of
  2. Is it possible to connect to tag and change some characteristics (e.g. broadcast interval, etc?)
  3. It seems that I need to program a custom firmware for it. Which kind of licence should I use? I read that it is not possible to be GPL. Could it be closed source? or?
  4. In order to program ruuvi tag do you sell a plug compatible with the pins on the ruuvitag?

Thanks a lot


Possible. Check

@otso Can answer better to the rest

Not with current firmware, the interval is hardcoded. But it’s doable.

Please observe .
In short:

  • Nordic code can be used only with Nordic Semiconductor devices.
  • Ruuvi code is BSD-3 licensed. You must provide attribution (i.e. link to GitHub) on derived work and you must note that the work is not endorsed by Ruuvi
  • Bootloader uses Micro-ECC, which is BSD-2 licensed
  • The whole firmware has Softdevice + bootloader + application. Sources of softdevice are not available, and therefore the firmware cannot be GPL-compatible.
  • You do not have to distribute your sources to your users or Ruuvi community, but the attributions must be made.

Yes, please see and . You can use the tag-connect cable without devkit to save some money,

Great! Thank you