Smart Home Dashboard Project

Hey Everyone!

I thought y’all would like to see a little project I put together using Ruuvitag, node-ruuvitag and SpotSense

It’s a smart home dashboard running on my Raspberry Pi 3b+.

Basically what I did was set up RuuviTags around my house. Some flashed with Eddystone, some flashed with the Ruuvi Firmware.

For the eddystone beacons, I used SpotSense to trigger an enter and exit event when one of my mobile app users came in contact with the beacon. This allowed me to correlate their location with a point on the floor plan map so I can see where my family members are within the house.

I then used node-ruuvitag to scan the sensor information on the tags flashed with the ruuvi firmware and display that information through some Chart.js graphs.

Super fun weekend project!

Here’s the references to the tools I used as well as my github project

github project:



Hi Zak, great project and thanks for sharing. Video looks good!