Signal directions

Hi, anyone has the signal power diagram for ruvvitag? I need to know which plane (x,y,z) is the signal strength the best.

Seperately, i am also thinking to use copper tap to antenuate tge Y,Z plane so that the signal is only received on x plane.

I need it for vehicle tracking. Only when the ruvvitag is ‘in line’ with the GW, will the beacon signal be picked up.

Anyone has any idea on this? Tq

RF signal will “bend” around the corners of your copper tape. There are some solution which can give you high precision positioning for sports, i.e. Quuppa.

Do I get it right that the signal strength is absolutely uniform across all directions? Some of my tags are working at their limit now through ice and snow, and if a certain tag orientation would produce even marginally stronger transmission towards the receiver, I could certainly use that knowledge.

It’s supposed to be uniform, there are no ‘professional measurements’ though as far as I know, but based on my observations the best signal comes directly ‘upwards’ (ie. when the tag is upright on the table with the breathing hole on top)