Shipping estimate

Hi! I was wondering how close to the shipping estimate of 21 days your average shipment has been taking? 2/3 of that timeframe and in a major city so I’m just a little curious. Thanks!

Hi, I received shipment notification on the 7th of Feb and it arrived today (11th). This is to the UK. Quite surprised it was so quick to be honest!

@Matthew.rr I have sent you a private message regarding your shipment’s status.

All the shipments are registered and we can check the delivery status if needed. But this is manual work so that’s why we suggest waiting 21 days first.

Any idea how close we are to retail production?
I have the three beacons in use and could do with three more tomorrow. :slight_smile:

We are going to inform about the schedule relatively soon. Won’t take for too long anymore!