Sharing a sensor that hasn't recently been nearby a Ruuvi Gateway

We’ve had some discussion about this on a GitHub issue ticket:

What do you think?

After I’ve received a few user feedbacks about this missing ability (share offline sensors), I’ve started to change my opinion on this. Earlier we (Ruuvi core team) mutually agreed that being able to share sensors that haven’t been nearby Ruuvi Gateway router(s) in a few days or so, would just give a lousy user experience for sharees when they receive shared sensors that seem not to work at all.

Simplest way to allow sharing any sensor would be in my opinion:

  1. Allow signed in sensor owner to share any of his/her sensors (remove current restrictions).

  2. On the sharing page, change the string “You can share the sensor with friends and family if it’s in range of a Ruuvi Gateway” to something like “You can share the sensor with friends and family. Note that if the sensor isn’t in range of a Ruuvi Gateway router or sharee isn’t in Bluetooth range of the sensor, no measurement data will be shown.”

  3. (optional) Explain to sharee why no data is shown (no data in cloud or no sensor in Bluetooth range).

What do you think?