Sensors have disappeared (fixed)

Help? My two Ruuvi Pro sensors have disappeared from my app. I’ve had them about a month, they’ve been working fine until today.

Is this a common occurrence? Are my sensors defective? What should I do? Thanks.

I have re-added them and they appear to be working. I rely on these sensors to help me keep my dogs safe, I guess I need some assurance they are reliable? I have redundant monitoring systems and am very cautious, and just want to know how much trust to put in these Ruuvi sensors. Will they alert me to high temperatures or disconnect randomly? Or both.

Hello @Flyndog,

We experienced an issue yesterday related to our login system and it caused a short outage for users being unable to sign in/ sign out or see their Ruuvi sensor data. Error was located and fixed and Cloud sensor data (for Ruuvi Gateway users) was remedied within 30 minutes window.

This was a rare occurrence, and is now 100% fixed.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.