Segger Embedded Studio

This thread is dedicated to discussion of using SES to code for RuuviTag

git setup:

I suggest adding a link to a page that shows actual activity/results
like git-setup.html
PS is it time to drop base91?

I had a problem with this tutorial as I mentioned in other post that I think now I am going to delete it and paste it here.
The problem is this:
I am trying to recompile the firmware of one of my ruuvitags doing the steps you have here:
but I always have these 3 problems :

1)nrf_log_backend_rtt.c --> Application-driver_configuration.h: No such file or directory.
2)nrf_log_backend_serial.c–> application_driver_configuration.h: No such file or directory
3)nrf_log_default_backends.c–>_driver_configuration.h: No such file or directory

I am a new programmer and I dont know what to do.

Thanks you in advance.

I think this is might be related to SES version. In 4.14 dynamic folders accepted definitions such as *.c *.h, in 4.16 and onwards it should be *.c;*.h. Which files you can see under “Application”?

One more thing to check is to verify that the “config” -folder is included in project options, right-click project, select options -> preprocessor and check included folders.


I’ll reply to your own thread

A minor note: The link to Nordic Semiconductor SDK on this page is currently to version 15.0 but “3.17.1-alpha” project configuration file seems to point to SDK version 15.2.

Thanks, fixed

On a side note, Nordic is at version 15.3 since week7 2019


  • Added support for a new chip - nRF52811.
  • Added support for two new ANT SoftDevices: S312 targeting nRF52810 and nRF52832, and S340 targeting nRF52840.
  • Added back support for the ANT SoftDevice S332 v6.1.1, as well as updated the latest SoftDevices S112, S132, S140 and S212 v6.1.1.
  • Updated the SDFU solution with ANT transport layer.
  • Updated DTM to support nRF52811, and updated the existing code to correctly handle Anomaly 172.

(do we care?)

I’ll check if the update is easy to do.

After flashing the red LED keeps blinking and the debug terminal shows nothing.
Any idea where I messed up?

  1. What is the approximate rate of red blinking? fast? dim?
  2. Is there any response to pressing the B button?
  3. What base source code are you using?
  4. Did you make any changes?
  5. If you flash the original codes WITHOUT any changes does the procedure you are using create a tag that acts normally?

Found out the problem. Needed to erase the tag to remove the bootloader.
Thanks for the response, anyway.