Section .tdata overlaps absolute placed section .storage_flash

This error message can occur during the load phase when attempting to build a test version of 30.0.0 rc6 onwards with the SEGGER Embedded Studio. The load script is generated by from the specifications. It would be better if an earlier test were made immediately after
__data_load_end__ = (__data_load_start__ + SIZEOF (.data))

. = ASSERT (((__data_load_start__ == __data_load_end__) ||
(__data_load_end__ <=_storage_flash_start__), 
error:  code plus static variable initialization  exceeds  FlashStorage assignment)

In any case the resolution is to add:

/* Cannot load debug will all drivers so dont enable: */


This will suppress the code generation for the TMP117 sensor which is most like not included on your board.