Safety with babies and kids

Is RuuviTag safe to place close to people? I’m thinking is it safe to monitor the environment near a baby in a stroller? Has the device and radio been rated as safe for such purpose? Of course there is also the battery then as well which could leak.

I’m not having plans to place it directly on skin but somewhere 1-5 cm from skin. Rather something like this

Radio itself should be perfectly safe for humans, the output power is less than 10 milliwatts whereas cell phones can have TX power of a watt, a hundred times more. Sini-Maaria and @henri from us trust the tags enough to have them with their babies, but we don’t have any specific child-proof certificate.

I’d be mostly concerned about baby trying to eat the tag, if a child or a pet manages to get the tag open and eats the battery it is extremely dangerous. The full safety test report is at, but it does not cover kids trying to eat the tag.

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I think you could tape it to your forehead without any side effects. Devices with such a small batteries are maybe possible in theory to make dangerous, but why would anyone do it.

Also it’s tightly closed and large enough not to be swallowed even for a large mouthed adult. You get more exposed to electromagnetic fields by just walking outside.

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