I’m Shashikant Prajapati, I shown a schematic diagram of the ruuvitracker device, one query that created in my mind,

in this schematic 4 LDO is used & all LDO are same. so why use multiple LDO??

Thank you



I moved this post under Ruuvi Node category as it’s the name of upcoming Ruuvi Tracker product.
Could you please clarify your question? What schematic you were shown, can you link it to this discussion?


I’d seen the “Ruuvitracker_revc3.sch” schematic.
Here i am sharing the link for the same.

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The original RuuviTracker project was ahead of its time, and the technology wasn’t quite there yet in terms of power consumption etc. That design was started back in January 2012 :slight_smile:

New design isn’t publicly available yet.



Thanks for quick reply.
can you please share the latest schematic for the same.

Thank you


Hello, the latest schematic isn’t publicly available yet