Ruuvtag vs Ruuvitag+

I have several Ruuvitag sensors with all sensors and one Ruuvitag from the original kickstarter campaign with only the temperature sensor.

I used that one for originally for beaconing but now just recently I converted it to temperature sensor. However, when I compared the readings of that to other Ruuvitags (+) sitting next to it I was quite surprised as its temperature readings were off by two full degrees.
Is there really that much variability with the Ruuvitag from Kickstarter campaing and later Ruuvitags, or is my device perhaps defective?

Just to make sure, I compared two Ruuvitags with all sensors together sitting next to each other and they both seem to give readings that differ 0.02C from each other.

The “basic” model with only temperature sensor uses the nRF52832 builtin temperature sensor which is significantly less accurate (+/- 5 degrees if I recall correctly) than the temperature sensor on the BME280 found on the “all sensors” versions of the tag. The nRF builtin temperature sensor is also affected by the heat caused by the chip itself, which can cause additional error