RuuviTracker project is back! (EDIT: Rebranded to Ruuvi Node)

Hi guys, want to chip in :wink:

Analog in - can measure temp. / pressure etc. in confined space/tanks fridges. (or have a way to connect and power it extension board - grove ???)
ability to connect to e-paper - have a way to inform/display values to people at a location.

good luck, it does look very promising

hey i’m new here and i’m an internet of things developer and i want to get a ship just like this where can i find it
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It mentions an embedded solar panel. Do you know what the details of the panel and if that is still in the works? Also do you know if the gyro scope made the list for sensors to be added?
Thanks in advance.

Cell details are not public yet. We’ve actually evaluated different cells and harvester electronics for over 3 years now as we didn’t want to rush and create something that would work in perfect environments only.

We also want to keep the design robust and perfectly waterproof, and therefore not all the sensors will be integrated on the main board but can be used with help of Ruuvi Connector system:

how have you liked the trackers with your beehives? I’ve been thinking about doing the same

I think it would be great to have the same basic sensors of the Ruuvi tag (temp/hum/press).

For expansion, instead of randomly placed connections points at the back, provide space to solder a small standard connector… this will make it easy to expand I/O for the Nordic chips.

DO keep the JTAG for programming please !

Hello Lauri, any updates on the gateway project ?

I found this blog post in the “dongle” thread…
has the dongle evolved into the gateway/Ruuvi Node?

Very excited to test this product soon, for business purposes.

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You could use DDNS and port forwarding to get data to your local server. No matter where you are then you will be able to access them (just make sure you secure them). This means that you could have MQTT, DB, and say Grafan to display the data. You could then have any number of types of collectors weather they be a Pycom Gpy to send data over MQTT to your home server.

Every household needs a chain of fire alarms. Should not be too hard to add that to Ruuvi.

Is this project (ruuvitracker aka node) totally buried or still alive?

Unfortunately, the project is not actively worked with right now.