RuuviTags not discovered by RaspberryPi Python script

When executing the following script:

from ruuvitag_sensor.ruuvi import RuuviTagSensor
import ruuvitag_sensor.log



I get the following output:

Finding RuuviTags. Stop with Ctrl+C.
Start receiving broadcasts (device hci0)
End Of File (EOF). Exception style platform.
Stop receiving broadcasts

It looks like the RaspberryPi (4) is unable to find any of the RuuviTags.

And, indeed, when I enter into the terminal hcitool scan only my cellphone get’s found :slight_smile:.

However, if I enter blescan, maaany devices get found, including all the RuuviTags. Does anyone know how to solve this problem, or can offer some assistance?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried running it with sudo ?

I have run RuuviCollector on RPi 4 which uses HCITool, so ruuvitag-sensor should work too. Please try hcitool lescan