ruuviTag won't connect with Espruino Web IDE

My ruuviTag has the latest firmware installed and when I try to connect it to the Espruino IDE the console outputs the following:

Handling URL “Espruino Web IDE
ERROR: Not Found
ERROR: Not Found

Set Slow Write = true
BT> ERROR: NotFoundError: User cancelled the requestDevice() chooser.
ERROR: [notify_error] Connection Failed.

Connection Failed.

When I connect to the Web Bluetooth port, it scans for the ruuviTag but it’s never found. I went on to the nRF connect app and I can see the device there.

I notice it says “User cancelled the requestDecive()” but I’m assuming that happens after I exit out of the pairing window because it displays “no bluetooth devices found”

These errors occur once I click the connect button to find ports

This looks like a problem in Espruino Web IDE to me, as loading the URL has failed. Maybe they have already fixed the error?

I’m not sure… I will send them a message. I was able to make it connect with a S7 edge but for some reason my Mac will not.

After discovering that at least on Windows 10, experimental Chrome features have to be enabled in order get Web Bluetooth visible (this wasn’t mentioned anywhere btw), I’m getting exactly the same problem with Espruino Web IDE . Connects to my Honor 8 just fine.