RuuviTag with Home Assistant Core 2022.8?

The Bluetooth integration was introduced in Home Assistant 2022.8. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (4Gb) running an up-to-date copy of Home Assistant Operating System.

I have attempted to configure the Bluetooth integration. When I go to Settings → Devices & Services → Bluetooth and click CONFIGURE it offers as the option The Bluetooth Adapter to use for scanning of hci0. Clicking SUBMIT responds with Success!.

I have five RuuviTags and other BLE devices. Running bluetoothctl scan on from a terminal session shows that the BLE devices are visible. However, none of them are recognised as devices or entities …

Has anyone been more successful using this integration?

Looks like a RuuviTag integration similar to the Xiaomi BLE integration or Govee Bluetooth integration will be required to detect RuuviTags.

There are a few community-built integrations, GitHub - ruuvi-friends/ Ruuvi tag BLE sensor for Home Assistant. is the first one that pops on my mind

Many thanks. That, or another of the community-built integrations, could be an interim solution for me.

Now that there is an official Bluetooth integration it should be possible to produce a RuuviTag integration leveraging the Bluetooth integration to do much of the work. Might make it easier to write and maintain.

Check out this Add-on TheengsGateway. It works without coding anything. Just install this Add-on and some MQTT broker like Mosquitto. Thats it!

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There is a RuuviTag BLE Integration which was was introduced in Home Assistant 2022.12.
My Raspberry Pi installation found my five RuuviTags at home!
Many thanks to @akx.

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I have now been using RuuviBLE integration in my HA installation with RPi4. It only finds the nearest tag just few meters from RPi4 and even that one becomes unavailable quite often.

Thought that Bluetooth in RPi is too weak, but maybe some other device is disturbing the transmission…

I also have Ruuvi Gateway but have not been able to integrate it to HA successfully. Maybe there is also integration coming for Gateway someday…

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Bluetooth performance of my RPi4, especially as it is in a sturdy aluminium case. It sees all five of my RuuviTags, the furthest of which is around 6m away through a couple of walls.

Works as well as my Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile and the Intel AX200 devices in my workstation and laptop.

The advice for Zigbee adapters (I have an Electrolama zig-a-zig-ah!) is to Connect the adapter using an USB extension cable which is clearly not an option with the RPi4 on-PCB antenna. If Bluetooth range is an issue then perhaps something like this with an external antenna might work? I don’t know if suitable drivers are available for the RPi4.

Thank you John for your reply! Very helpful to hear that RP4i should be quite capable for receiving data at least from most of my tags.

I have old sonoff zigbee dongle without extra antenna or extension cable. Also other stuff in the vicinity of RPi4 like WiFi router and amplifier with Bluetooth.

Have been planning to move RPi away from the other stuff and start to use HA Skyconnect dongle with extension cable when it arrives. That might resolve the problem at least until I get Gateway integrated.

Home Assistant works now directly with RuuviTags:

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