RuuviTag with Home Assistant Core 2022.8?

The Bluetooth integration was introduced in Home Assistant 2022.8. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (4Gb) running an up-to-date copy of Home Assistant Operating System.

I have attempted to configure the Bluetooth integration. When I go to Settings → Devices & Services → Bluetooth and click CONFIGURE it offers as the option The Bluetooth Adapter to use for scanning of hci0. Clicking SUBMIT responds with Success!.

I have five RuuviTags and other BLE devices. Running bluetoothctl scan on from a terminal session shows that the BLE devices are visible. However, none of them are recognised as devices or entities …

Has anyone been more successful using this integration?

Looks like a RuuviTag integration similar to the Xiaomi BLE integration or Govee Bluetooth integration will be required to detect RuuviTags.

There are a few community-built integrations, GitHub - ruuvi-friends/ Ruuvi tag BLE sensor for Home Assistant. is the first one that pops on my mind

Many thanks. That, or another of the community-built integrations, could be an interim solution for me.

Now that there is an official Bluetooth integration it should be possible to produce a RuuviTag integration leveraging the Bluetooth integration to do much of the work. Might make it easier to write and maintain.