RuuviTag support in Homey


I added a small app in Homey (home automation solution). With this app you can add Ruuvitag in Homey, receive values and launch actions based on these values.

Source can be found here and app is in Homey app store

RuuviTag driver

This apps allows integration of RuuviTag (RAWv1 and RAWv2 format) in Homey, allowing to monitor :

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Acceleration
  • Battery
  • RSSI
  • Movement (RAWv2 only)
  • Entering/leaving range : it can be used as a BLE beacon, triggering an event when the device enters or leaves the range. The number of attempts scan can be configured per device in device settings.

Scan duration (how long homey listens for BLE advertisment) and polling interval (how long between two scans) can be configured in app settings.

Ruuvi gateway

The app also allows Homey to act as a Ruuvi Station gateway (local network or public) - currently in the test version.

Device must have been locally added in Homey (if device is unknown, data is discarded). Presence is not modified when receiving data through gateway.

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Great work! This is something very interesting as I checked Homey before. Please send a message to me with your address and I will send you a small surprise :slight_smile:

Message sent, thanks a lot !