RuuviTag support for Home Assistan (HASS.IO)

Look configuration instructions from comments.

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Does this work with HASS.IO image?


It is generic sensor plugin so if you manually install it I don’t see any reason why not.

I was able to install this sensor plugin for Hassbian. I think that it is not possible to install this on HassOs, because there is not possible to install Python plugins?

It worked fine with fresh install, but didn’t work out of the box with Rpi3 B+ mini UART configuration (Couldn’t find bluetooth devices anymore).

I have to investigate more…

Any update for this case? I tried to install this but it didn’t work. Sudo command not found in hassio.

Hi Nala,

I’ve been struggling with the same things. is a complicated system and things run containerized. I would guess that this plugin only works if you are running Home assistant in standalone (eg. you have a raspberry pi running raspbian, and running Home assistant directly there like this:

I’ve made a PR here – to add python native support for Bluetootk sockets for all images of That was merged a while ago, and now I might now test if things work with this PR:

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Hi everyone,

I think now Ruuvi should work with HASS.IO with this porject of mine: