RuuviTag Pro won't connect

I bought a RuuviTag Pro for my Sauna because I heard good things about it’s quality. I connected it via the app, and 5 minutes later, it won’t connect. There is a solid red light:

It’s not a battery issue. I can see the Ruuvi when I scan for Bluetooth:

But when I open the Ruuvi app, there are no devices found:

I’ve tried to hold down the button (there’s only 1 button on this model) for 10 seconds to reboot, but nothing happens. Just the same solid red light. I’ve taken out the battery, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing has worked.
Please help!

Hi @Tedbankshot,

Sorry for troubles with your RuuviTag. I see you have written to our support email, let’s continue investigation there.

Kind regards,