RuuviTAG Pro stop sending data


I’ve two RuuviTag C7:60:41:A2:84:D6 and D7:51:AC:7F:CE:79 (this latter is a Pro)connecting to RPI to gather data using Signal K/InfluxDB/Grafana suite.

on the RPI with hcidump hci0 I can see data from 84:D6 while not from CE:79 although sometime some information is transmitted as I can see it in Influxdb/frafana.

When CE:79 seems to be stuck, connecting with RuuviStation, bottom right of the app screen shows minutes or hours then resuming to the 0…3 seconds timer for data refresh.

Anything you see I’m missing in RPI configuration or CE:79 is faluty?

Thanks and warmest regards



Please check first the battery voltage in RuuviTag Pro (in app, RuuviTag setting and if the LED is blinking on the PCB.

Br. Henri

HI Henry.

App → Settings → battera voltage 3.059V

LED bottom right to the MCU is blinging approx every 2 seconds.

The strange behavior is that when I open the app, on CE:79, bottom right it show hours from last refresh then the counter starts 0…2 sec and data is presented to the app. Sometime the counter stays stuck,

I also upgraded the firmware to 3.31.1, no changes.

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Sounds like the RuuviTag is working properly, it’s very unlikely that it would not send the data all the time. So the issue is in RPI setup. Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice how to fix that. Mobile phones are not scanning Bluetooth all the time, therefore it’s not updating all the time (every two seconds).