RuuviTag Pin-out Information


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I did not see any mention of UART in the Pin-out Information. Is there access to UART on the Ruuvitag?


Wohoo, you just posted the first RuuviLab comment, ever!

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Yes, UART is available. Please refer to Nordic’s material.


We’re aiming to shoot a video clip showing how to solder external wires easily on bottom of RuuviTag.

Before that, just a few tips. First, use wire-wrap wire:

It’s thin and easy to solder and route. If you’re connecting external sensor(s) for example and would like to use the stock enclosure, you can use those three (devshield alignment) holes on the PCB to get the wires from the bottom to top.

Soldering tips:

  1. Add some solder on the 1mm diameter test pad on the bottom of the PCB.
  2. Remove cover plastic of tip of the wire. You can peel around 1mm from the tip. Should do it.
  3. Add some solder on the tip so that it will joint easily with the test pad.
  4. Heat the test pad (which has solder bump already).
  5. Touch the melted solder bump wit the tip of your wrap-wire (which has solder on it).
  6. Quit touching the test pad with your soldering iron.
  7. Wait a few secs.
  8. Done.


Check out board layout



Rev.B5 and B6 hardware design files are available for download: