RuuviTag outside

I’m considering adding a few RuuviTags to my RV: inside, outside, refrigerator, …
I’d like the outside sensor to report humidity. My current sensor is mounted under the RV where it would be out of the rain but would be subjected to spray from the road while traveling. Mounting on the side of the RV would be possible but then the sensor would be subjected to rain and would report higher than actual temperatures due to sun on the sensor part of the day.

I could go with the totally sealed Pro version but would not have humidity.

What would be the best sensor for this application?


I would consider RuuviTag Pro 2-in-1 without humidity if you want to be safe, or Pro 3-in-1 with humidity under the RV somewhere where most of the sprays will miss it if you’re comfortable with the risk of a spray punching through the breathing sticker.

The sticker can take some splashes of water, but if a high-pressure spray happens to hit it directly the sticker will leak or fall off. Only way to know if it will last is to try it.

I have four Ruuvi’s, Inside, Outside, Fridge & Freezer. All now show on my Victron controller.
Am using one of the “sealed” 3-in-1 units outside, under the popup part of my caravan roof.
When I’m traveling its “inside”, when I stop and pop the roof, its Outside.
The picture has that particular device as “C Outside” (the 3 in 1), the “C Inside” unit is a full 4 in 1 device.

What you mean Victron controller? Victron battery mangement controller?